Zombies! is a game mode in CS2D.


Zombies! features a different gameplay but few gameplay elements from Standard is also included in this game mode. You start out by picking your team. Survivors or Zombies, Survivors are basically the Counter-Terrrorists. While Zombies replace the Terrorist team. The idea of being a Survivor is to obviously survive. and the idea for being a Zombie is to kill all Survivors to win. The Survivors when killed by a zombie joins the Zombies team. If the zombie kills a survivor he/she will get a weapon called Gut Bomb. The Survivors needs to survive until the time ends and the survivors win. But as mentioned if the Zombies kill all The Survivors the Zombies wins.


  • Like all game modes you can enable Fog Of War with this.
  • The Zombies have 2 weapons. The Claw and The Gut Bomb. The Claws cannot be dropped, because if it can be dropped the Zombies would've have no weapons then so it cannot attack.

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