The entity Trigger_Use triggers if a player uses it.

How to use Trigger_UseEdit

If the entity gets triggered itself, it gets disables or enabled again. A disabled Trigger_Use does not trigger itself anymore if it gets used. Also the button may look different if the entity is disabled.


  • Button: Here a button can be optionally selected. It is only there for optical purposes and changes not the behaviour of the entity. Please note that there are some buttons that look different if the entity is disabled or enabled
  • Alignment: The alignment of the button. Only makes sense if there actually is a button.
  • Triggered by: Only players which fulfil this condition are able to use this trigger.
  • Re-Use Delay (ms): How many milliseconds this entity is unusable after it has been used by a player. The value "0" means here that there is no such delay.

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