The standard game mode is the first of the 5 default game modes available in Counter-Strike 2D, having the ID 0.

Goal Edit

The goal of this game mode is to either complete the map objective or kill the whole enemy team. When a player dies, he/she will stay spectating and marked as *DEAD* until the round ends. The game will also end when the time has ended, which depending on the mp_roundtime setting, ranging from 1 to 99 minutes.

Tactics Edit

Because of the fact that when you are killed you are not able to respawn, the best tactical elements are:

  • Stick together. You are an easy target if you're being a Rambo or a lone wolf.
  • Watch your back[1]. You can't see who's behind you so check it every now and then.
  • If all possible, flank the enemy team. Just make sure you are not going to flank one side alone.
  • Don't go rushing as it usually causes quick death;
  • Don't camp. Your teammates may need you, and even if not, you'll still most likely be killed and called a 'noob'.
  • Try to complete the map objective. Killing the enemy team is not always the best, quickest and easiest solution.

Maps played Edit

Usually, the following map types are ran with Standard game mode:

  • Assassination (as_)
  • Hostage Rescue (cs_)
  • Bomb Defuse (de_)
  • Aim Training (aim_)
  • Highly explosives (he_)
  • Knife arena (ka_)
  • AWP Arena (awp_)

Screenshots Edit

Notes and references Edit

  1. Applies only for servers with Fog of War.

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