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Portal Gun

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Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

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The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or in short, the Portal Gun, is a special weapon, and cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.


It allows one to place Blue Portal and Orange Portal on the floor. When one enters a portal, he comes out from the other one, thus, the Portal Gun is used for fast transportation. When travelling between portals, it counts who placed the portals down, and one cannot travel between portals made from different players, unlike Teleporter Entrance and Teleporter Exit. Portals can't be placed on a metal floor.


Control Result
Primary attack Open Orange Portal
Alternate attack Open Blue Portal
Reload Close both portals


  • Can be used to reach otherwise unreachable places (as one can't shoot over obstacles, but can move through them)


  • Does not hurt enemies directly


  • The Portal Gun is copied from its official game, Portal.
  • Fast travelling through portals results in kick due to accused speedhacking (if mp_antispeeder is set to 1).
  • Can be used as a weapon. Placing one portal near a deadly tile or a custom-made trap, and the other one in front of the enemy player. As no one would except that a portal will appear in front of him/her, they usually walk into the deadly tile or the custom-made trap.
  • Unlike Portal, only players can travel through portals, items and projectiles won't be able to.
  • Portals cannot be placed on metal tiles, deadly tiles, (through) walls, obstacles, and certain areas blocked by an customized Info_NoBuildings entity.

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