This article is about the language in general. For a beginner tutorial, see Lua Tutorial. For another beginner tutorial, see Lua/tutorial2.

Lua is a scripting language used in Counter-Strike 2D. It can be used to alter the game mechanism in many different ways, ranging from disallowing dropping and picking up to making completely new gamemodes. A very good example is the Tibia RPG mod.

Short overview Edit

Lua is TIBAcommonly described as a “multi-paradigm” language, providing a small set of general features that can be extended to fit different problem types, rather than providing a more complex and rigid specification to match a single paradigm. Lua, for instance, does not fully support inheritance, however allows it to be implemented relatively easily with metatables. Similarly, Lua allows programmers to implement namespaces, classes, and other related features using its single table implementation.

Usage Edit

Lua is used in many different games, ranging from World of Warcraft to Counter-Strike 2D. It is commonly regarded as a relatively easy language to learn and write in, so many developers use it as a scripting language because there will be more people capable of writing scripts than if they chose other language.

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