This is a list of the IDs of all radio messages the players can use.

general radio messages
radio message ID
Cover me! 6
You take the point! 32
Hold this position! 23
Regroup team! 24
Follow me! 13
Taking fire, need assistance! 11

group radio messages
radio message ID
Go, go, go! 15
Team, fall back! 10
Stick together, team! 30
Get in position and wait for my go! 14
Storm the front! 31
Report in, team! 25

report radio messages
radio message ID
Roger that! 28
Affirmative! 0
Enemy spotted! 9
Need backup! 1
Sector clear! 5
I'm in position! 17
Reporting in! 26
Get out of there she's gonna blow! 2
Negative! 22
Enemy down! 8

automatic radio messages
radio message ID
Fire in the hole! 12
Teammate down! 20
Hostage down! 16
Hostage has been rescued! 27


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