The entity Info_TeamGate defines an area which kills a certain kind of players who walk into it, like certain team members or players who got the flag etc.

Trigger behaviourEdit


This entity triggers each time any player gets killed by this team gate.


If this entity gets triggered, it gets disabled/enabled again. A disabled Info_TeamGate does not kill players anymore. On round start, all Info_TeamGate entities are enabled.


  • X Tiles/Area width and Y Tiles/Area height: Set the size of the area. Note that the upper left corner of the area is the location of the entity.
  • Let pass: Choose which team members can safely enter this area. This means, all other players get killed by the Info_TeamGate. The "Don't Kill" setting makes exceptions to this!
  • Don't Kill: Choose which kind of players will be safe from being killed. Note that this defines exceptions of the "Let pass" setting.

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