The entities Info_T and Info_CT are the points, where players spawn. These also create a 5×5 buyzone around it. These entities are the most important entities in CS2D.


The Info_T entity is a spawn point for Terrorists and Zombies. The Info_CT entity is a spawn point for Counter-Terrorists and Survivors.

Importance of Info_T and Info_CTEdit

A map must have at all times at least one enabled entity Info_T and at least one enabled entity Info_CT. If a player tries to spawn on a map with no enabled spawn points for his team, CS2D crashes!


Also a 5×5 tiles big buyzone is created automatically around each Info_T and Info_CT for the respective teams. A shopping cart icon is displayed on the HUD if the player is in a buyzone. The player is able to buy here. Although Info_T is also a spawnpoint for Zombies, it does not create a buyzone for Zombies, because Zombies can't buy. All buyzones can be nullified by a single Info_NoBuying entity.

Trigger behaviourEdit


Both entities do not actively trigger.


If an Info_T/Info_CT gets triggered, it gets disabled or enabled again. Nobody spawns on a disabled spawn point anymore. Map makers should be careful by doing this. They should make sure that there is at all times at least one spawn point left for each team, otherwise the game may crash.


Rotation: The looking direction of a spawning player. This seems to be a obsolete setting because this rotation has no effect on spawning human players. Only on bots it is visible.

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