The entity Info_Animation animates a tile of the map, using the tileset.


This entity can be placed anywhere on the map. Now the user must choose a range of tiles of the tileset. Range means for examples tile with IDs from 3 to 10, therefore 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. The first tile ID of the range is written into the Start Tile field of the settings, the last tile into the End Tile field. Then the user has to select an animation speed: Higher values mean slower animations. The lowest possible animation speed is a frame. Then the user has to put all tiles he wishes to be animated on the map. The animated tiles have the same ID as the Start Tile. Animated tiles look like this: First, the start tile is shown, then the tile next to it (tile ID + 1) and so on until the end tile. After the end tile the animation repeats with the start tile.


  • Start Tile: The ID of the first tile in the animation. All tiles on the map with this ID will get animated.
  • End Tile: The ID of the last tile in the animation.
  • Anim. Speed: The delay between two different tiles, in milliseconds (1/1000 seconds). Keep in mind that it can't be shorter than a frame and only values which are divisible by the duration of a frame are possible lengths.

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