The entity Func_Teleport teleports players to a different location.


This entity teleports any player who enters the tile on which the entity has been placed to a preset destination. The destination is always tile-based, the player gets always in the middle of the destination tile. For pixel-perfect teleportations, this entity is not sufficent. In this case, it is suggested to use the command setpos with Lua scripting instead.


After the entity has been placed on the map, the user is able to click the destination tile. If, for some reason, he messed that up, the destination can be changed in the settings.

Trigger BehaviourEdit


The entity triggers each time a player gets teleported by this entity.


If the entity got triggered, the teleporter gets disabled/enabled again. A disabled Func_Teleporter does not teleport players nor does it trigger actively.


  • Target X Tile: the x tile coordinate on the map of the destination tile
  • Target Y Tile: the y tile coordinate on the map of the destination tile

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