The entity Env_NPC is a spawn-point for NPCs.


This entity is able to spawn NPCs if it gets triggered or on round start.

Trigger BehaviourEdit




If this entity gets triggered, a NPC of the selected kind with the selected health spawns in the middle of the tile where the entity has been placed.


  • Type: What kind of enemy will be created. Available types are:
    • Zombie: follows slowly players and (not to confused with the Zombies from the game mode Zombies!)
    • Headcrab: A fast and weak little monster which could be dangerous in masses.
    • Snark: A monster which is like a headcrab.
    • Vortigaunt: A strong monster which fires some harmful green beams if it sees an enemy.
    • Soldier: He runs around and shoots with his UMP45 on any player he sees. By default, he does NOT drop the UMP45 if a player kill a soldier. With the script found on this thread, the UMP45 will be dropped.
  • Spawn on Start: If this checkbox is activated, a NPC spawns on round start.
  • Health: The health of the NPC which works exactly like on players; the weapons do the same damage like they do on players with 0 armor.
  • Rotation: Initial looking direction of the NPC after spawn.


NPCs can be generated much more flexible with the command spawnnpc combined with Lua scripting.

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