This is the Master Policy. This policy dictates what goes on around this wiki. Generally, this wiki is uncensored and a calm place. If you don't agree with these rules, you should leave.

General Master PolicyEdit

  • Respect all members.
  • Don't creating of new articles just for advertising.
  • Swearing is generally not tolerated and should be avoided, unless it is present in quotes.
  • If a user is banned, respect his or her user page.
  • Do not impersonate/nickname-steal someone (especially those registered at
  • Do not totally own of an article. This includes put a message at the end like "written by username".
  • Use good spelling and check your grammar. Bad grammar and spelling in a page will result in major edits or deletion.
  • All users have rights, similar to human rights. They have the right to speak their mind, and the right to an opinion, as long as it is in a formal encyclopaedic way.


If one or more of the rules above have been disrespected, an action will be applied. Generally, that action is in this list:

  • Temporary block/ban — in case it isn't really fatal. Time varies on fatality.
  • Permanent block/ban — applied for fatal rules break.
  • Demote from its charge — applied for users with special rights. Check Special:UserRights (if you have special rights.)