A Color code is a special kind of text put to the


Color codes must be at the start of a line which is about to be coloured. The syntax of the color code is:


Where "©" is the literal copyright sign. "rrr" stands for red color, "ggg" for green color, "bbb" for blue color and "Text" is the actual text of the line. In the actual text, the copyright sign and the number values are not printed out. The color values range from 000 to 255, and always have three digits; so you probably have to insert leading zeroes for each color if neccessary.


©255000000This is a red text!

This is a red text!

©255128000This is an orange text!

This is an orange text!

©000128255This is a sky blue text!

This is a sky blue text!

©128000255This is a purple text!

This is a purple text!


Currently, color codes are used in:

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