a Clan is a part of the cs2d community. A Clan is a group of players band together for a certain goal or for fun.

Known ClansEdit

Frag - Disbanded

KillControl - Kc - Active : Forum:

Black Label - bL - Active; Forum:

SaWok - Active

Players United - P.U. - Disbanded

lone - Active - Active -

DarkTime - DT - Disbanded

NoPain - Active

DBD - Active

PBS - Active

Energetic - Enc - Disbanded:

Kgb2d - Active:

Mystic - Disbanded

RaWr - Disbanded

Head Hunter Force - HHF - Disbanded

Adrenaline - Adr - Disbanded

Major Just Beyond Sacrifice - MJBS - Disbanded

CrashZone - cZ - Disbanded

Bullet Life Clan - BLC - Disbanded


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