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Ctf cs2dfortress
Shot next to the CT Flag



Full name

CS2D Fortress

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CS2D Fortress is a default CS2D ctf_ type map made by TeD.


It is a symmetrical map[1], with the CT spawn on north and T spawn in south. By the looks of it, the events take place in an inhabited desert area with small oases.


The map's objective is to steal the enemy's flag and take it back to your base, just like any other Capture The Flag map.

Tactical featuresEdit

In this map teamwork is essential: a good tactic is to leave some members building a base to protect the flag and others to attack the enemy. It is not recommended to focus just on attacking or just on defending, for it may lead to the team's defeat.


References and notesEdit

  1. In the area next to the terrorist's flag there is a box missing to make the map completely symmetrical.

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