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Bomb d
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Composite Compound 4

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Usually life-threatening, but damage decreases as distance from explosion increases


Free (Objective-based weapon)

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The Bomb is a weapon that cannot be bought in normal gameplay, and is classified as a special equipment.


On bomb defuse maps (de_) or other maps which include a bombspot, one Terrorist automatically recieves a bomb at the start of the round. Only the Terrorists team members can pick up a dropped bomb. Bombs can be planted only in bomb spots, and will usually explode after 35 seconds, which by the way, can be changed with the command mp_c4timer, if it is not defused.



To plant the bomb, stand at a bombspot (marked by a flashing bomb icon on the HUD), and hold down your Fire key (Usually the LMB) until it's placed. The planting process will be halted if you move or release the Fire key.


The bomb can only be defused by all Counter-Terrorists. To defuse a bomb, the Counter-Terrorist has to hold the "use" key (usually [E]) when he is looking at the bomb. If the Counter-Terrorist does not have a Defuse Kit, the defusing needs 10 seconds. But if he does, the defusing needs only 5 seconds.


Only the non-planted bomb can be collected and only by Terrorists.


  • When planted, can be a "life-saver" for the terrorists, provided the counter-terrorists are unable to defuse the bomb before it explodes.


  • Since the bomb's part of the objective, you can't just plant it anywhere. The only place to plant the bomb is at the bombspot.

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