Ammo is an important part in gameplay of Counter-Strike 2D. Lots of weapons need it to shoot. Without ammo, most weapons don't work.

Kinds of ammoEdit

There are two kinds of ammo:

  • Primary Ammo: Ammunation for are all firing weapons except pistols; weapons which use slot 1.
  • Secondary Ammo: Ammunation for pistols; weapons which use slot 2.

Getting ammoEdit

Ammo can be obtained by two ways:

  • Buying: Primary and Secondary Ammo can be bought for $50 at a buy zone. If you buy some ammo, you get as much ammo as you can carry, so $50 is extremely cheap.
  • Collecting: Primary Ammo and Secondary Ammo are also items that you may find on the ground. These items also give you as much ammo as you can carry if you collect it.
  • build a Dispenser: If you have a wrench, you can build a Dispenser which itself spawns Primary Ammo and Secondary Ammo as items on the ground.

Infinite ammoEdit

With the server-side settings mp_infammo 1, infinite ammo can be turned on. Reloading is still needed, of course.

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